TruColor Spray Out Cards

TruColor™ spray out cards are used by professional automotive painters to match the color of the bumper to the adjacent steel body panel.

  • Composed of the same OEM quality material composition as automotive bumpers, motorcycle fairings and other ABS parts.
    • Cards available in today’s market are made of a thin cardboard material or metal and do not react the same way metallic paints do on plastic.
    • Automotive painters use these cardboard spray out cards to match metallic paint to color of the adjacent body panels.
    • The static in a ABS-plastic bumper causes the metallic particulates in metallic paints to react and therefore create a different finish than metallic paint on a cardboard or metal spray out card. The spray out card IS the bumper!
  • The product we have created has the same characteristics the plastic bumper has. Therefore the result on our TruColor plastic spray-out card will be a much closer match to the finished bumper than if cardboard or steel spray out cards were used
  • By matching the color on our TruColor plastic spray-out cards to the adjacent body panel, the final result on the bumper will match the car much better than if cardboard spray out cards were used.
  • It is important to treat the TruColor Spray Out Card exactly the same way as you treat the bumper. See HOW TO USE THE CARD
  • No more need to blend in adjacent body panels, or re-do the plastic bumper. The TruColor plastic spray-out card basically pays for itself!

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