How to Use the Card

It is very important to perform exactly the same steps to the card and the bumper. Each step changes the static characteristics in the plastic, which impacts the reaction of the metallic particles in the paint.

This reaction occurs in both waterborne and solvent-based paints.

The key is to treat the TruColor spray out card exactly like you treat the bumper*.

For example:

  • If Scotch-Britetm is used on the bumper,  Scotch-Britetm+ the card
  • If Scuff Stufftm++or a similar sanding agent is used on the bumper, do the same to the card
  • If a wax or grease remover is required for the bumper, use it on the card
  • If  an adhesion promoter is applied to the bumper, do the same to the card
  • If you prime the bumper, prime the card
  • If you seal the bumper, seal the card

Then use the same number of coats and clear to match the adjacent body panel.


*TruColor spray out cards may be used on other plastic products with similar static characteristics for a superior color match.
+Scotch-Brite is a registered trademark of 3M.
++Scuff Stuff is a registered trademark of Presta Products.